Who are we?

We work for you

We are an unbiased turn-key solution provider, meaning you can be assured you will always be getting the best benefit at the best prices.

Single Point Of Contact

From data and structural cabling to negotiating the best rates on your digital imaging systems, we will co-ordinate and organise it all for you giving you peace of mind.

Free Consultation

We care about you and provide free in-person consultations within Sydney Metro so give us a call today to book an appointment!

Who we are not!

Do not be fooled!  We are not the cheapest hardware reseller and reseller of cheap telephone call out to get a quick buck!

Our Specialties

  • Telephony Solutions
    Be a leader in your industry and streamline your operations with consolidated access to leading-edge telecommunication equipment....
  • Digital Imaging Equipment
    Specially customised to suit your requirements, we can meet all your digital imaging needs at the minimum outlay....
  • Office Mobility Solutions
    Take your office with you and streamline your productivity with fully integrated and tailored mobility solutions....

Our Mission

C.T. Agency is an unbiased turn-key solution provider of tailor-made business solutions who works hard to maximise your investment.

Consolidated Telecommunications Agency is a full range service provider, with us you can consolidate your Fixed, Mobile & Data needs into one easy to manage account.Our Philosophy is simple: to provide acurate, cost effective advice un-matched by others.

From telephony to professional surveillance equipment, C.T. Agency has the solution for you. Our solutions are customised suit your requirements and provide maximum benefits with minimal outlay.

Besides more than 20 years’ of experience in the Telco Industry along with longstanding industry partnerships, we also have dedicated corporate consultants with extensive experience in sophisticated networking and business grade offerings to help advise you in your business.

Our Philosophy is to provide accurate, cost-effective advice and tailor made solutions to our clients with maximum benefits and to do so we provide an in-depth analysis of your current invoicing and work out an official quotation with your expected savings.